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Recent news

Metrum take larger market share


Metrum close a great result for 2016, showing double digit growth in sales for the third year in a row. New countries start to use the Metrum solutions. More staff is being added to the strong team and Metrum continue to heavily invest in R&D, releasing its new cutting edge product platform PQX3 and making great progress in the unique development of applications for pattern recognition, enabling preventive maintenance in the grid. With its strong owners, including the Swedish government, Metrum plan to continue strong growth for the next five years.

Metrum Academy - Great attendance from Africa and India at the International Power QuaIity training course which Metrum, ABB, Chalmers University and University of Borås executed in Gothenburg Sweden


Delegates from India, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana and South Africa attended. – It has been interesting days, where we learnt about power quality and electrical distribution, says Josephat Marandu, Electrical engineer from Tanzania.

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India invest several hundred million to achieve the climate targets


According to the Swedish Energy Agency it will require several hundred million USD (many billion Swedish kronor) for India to reach the targets agreed in the Paris climate agreement. At the same time, India plans to connect 600 million people to the electrical grid (today 120 million are connected), which is an increasing demand from the population. This means a lot of investments which Swedish companies within the energy sector now are trying to be part of.

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Power Quality measurement on HVDC - Swedish National Grid (Svenska Kraftnät, SVK)


The Swedish National Grid (Svenska Kraftnät, SVK), transmission owner, expanding its ongoing partnership with Metrum and is now installing energy and power quality measurement units in the their HVDC substations. Svenska Kraftnät has several hundred measurement meters installed from Metrum in the transmission grid, but now also wanted to measure on the South West link between Barkeryd and Hurva.  Metrum with its unique competence and flexible and fast development department, produced a customized measurement instrument for HVDC. With these new units, Svenska Kraftnät can monitor both energy losses and specific HVDC power quality issues. HVDC is becoming a more and more common solution to solve the energy supply around the globe and Metrum is highly involved in this development, both in Sweden and internationally.

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